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General sales conditions
Delivery and Returns
Privacy and Security
This web site is the property of LE CAPUCIN - Sodifrex Sas in its totality, along with all rights concerning this property. Any form of reproduction is absolutely unauthorised unless the owner gives his written consent. However, hypertext and links to the site are without any specific rights.

1. Acceptation of orders
2. Products
3. Order
4. Price
5. Payment
6. Liability
7. Guarantees
8. Legal information

1. Acceptation of orders
At the time when the order is passed, the client, having indicated that he has read and is fully aware of the sales conditions, which are on the screen, declares that he accepts them without any reservation. The present conditions concern the contract between LE CAPUCIN - Sodifrex Sas, residing in La Bussiere (86310) in France, and the client. Both parties accept these conditions without reservation. The sales conditions override any other conditions from any other document unless there is a written demand before the sale.

2. Products
Any photographs on the site are by no means contractual. Should there be any discrepancy between the photograph and the item, LE CAPUCIN - Sodifrex Sas will not be held responsible.

3. Orders
The automatic registration system is considered as proof of the contents, type and date of the order. LE CAPUCIN - Sodifrex Sas will send confirmation of the order to the e-mail address given to him by the client passing the order. The sale can only be concludes after confirmation of the order. LE CAPUCIN - Sodifrex Sas reserves the right to cancel all orders from clients who have complaints of payment from previous orders. The client is responsible for the precision of the information given to us. In the case of error, the seller can not be held responsible should the delivery be impossible.

4. Price
The prices are given in Euros. The price indicated in the confirmation of the order is definitive and includes all taxes from your country. The final price includes handling charges, packaging and transport.

5. Payment
The price given to the client is the price indicated on the invoice sent by LE CAPUCIN - Sodifrex Sas. Payment can be effectuated by Eurocard, Visa or Mastercard, by postal or bankers cheque or by bank transfer. The order, validated by the client is effective after acceptation of payment by the Bank or after the reception of a postal or bankers check or after a bank transfer is accepted. Should there be a refusal by the central bank, the order will be cancelled automatically and the client informed by e-mail.

6. Liability
The present contract is held under French law. LE CAPUCIN - Sodifrex Sas cannot be held responsible for any damage whatsoever, should it be material or corporel, because of a faulty product or a faulty utilisation of the items sold. The same applies to changes made by the manufacturers to products. The responsibility of LE CAPUCIN - Sodifrex Sas is limited to the value of the order and can in no way be held responsible for simple errors and omissions which may happen in spite of all the care taken in the presentation of the products. Should the client have any difficulty in the application of this contract, the client has, before any legal action is undertaken, the possibility of finding an agreement with the help of :
- a professional society in this area
- a consumer protection society
- any other advisory service of the client’s choice.
We would remind you that an out of court solution does not annul the time limit of the legal guarantee in the contract, or the length of the guarantee. As a general rule, and under the agreement of the courts of law, the present contract supposed that the client will respect his financial engagement with the seller.
Any reclaims or complaints will be treated with due respect of the client willing to discuss his complaint. In case of litigation the client should contact LE CAPUCIN - Sodifrex Sas to find an amiable solution.
Should a solution not be found, the Tribunal de Poitiers in France is the only authority competent to slove any litigation.

7. Guarantee
In all cases, LE CAPUCIN - Sodifrex Sas cannot be held responsible for failure to respect the legal conditions in the country to which it delivers. The responsibility of LE CAPUCIN - Sodifrex Sas is systematically limited to the value of the item in question at the date of sale, within the possibilities of the rights of the manufacturer. In every case the client will benefit from the legal guarantee of protection against hidden faults of an item (Art.1625 of the Code Civil). Under the condition where the client can prove the existence of a hidden fault, the seller is legally obliged to repair all the consequences. (art.1641 of the code civil). If the buyer addresses the courts, he must respect the time limit starting from the date where the fault was found. (art.1648 of the code civil). You may contact the shop from Monday to Friday included at the following number : +33 (0)5 49 48 17 44.

8. Legal information
The collection of certain personal details is obligatory for the treatment an passage of the order and the creation of the invoice. Any missing information will automatically cancel the order. In respect of the law " Informatique et Libertés ", the processing of any information personal relating to the client is delivered to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) who have given us their accord. The client has (article 34 of the law 6 January 1978) the right of access, to modify, to correct or to erase any information which may concern him and which he has given to LE CAPUCIN - Sodifrex Sas. We guarantee that no information concerning the client will be given to another person.

Poitiers, France, 8th November 2008, G. Carré, Director.
2008-2010 - All rights reserved - ® LE CAPUCIN - SAS SODIFREX

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